Florida Info

Following is information about the Florida trip:


Tentative dates of the trip are June 7 - 14, 2014. The Charter Busses will leave Robinson Saturday evening, June 7. We

will spend five (5) nights in Florida, June 8 - 12. The busses will leave Florida Friday morning, June 13. We will arrive

back in Robinson early Saturday, June 14.


The cost for the trip is $625.00 per person. Please note; the Band Boosters are paying for the Charter Busses. This is a

savings of $180.00 per traveller.


The amount includes: Bus, Hotel (4 to a room), Disney 3 Day Pass, Admission to Universal Studios, Surprise Event,

Travel Meals to and from Florida, and 2 meals a day (everyone will be on their own for one meal a day, usually lunch in

one of the parks).


Everyone going to Florida, band students and family members, must pay a deposit. The deposit is due October 15!


Following is the payment plan for the trip:


Due Date                Amount

October 15                  $ 75

November 15              $100

December 15              $100

January 15                  $100

February 15                $100

March 15                     $  75

April 15                        $  75


Refund Policy

Hotel rooms must be guaranteed and tickets must be purchased in advance. Cut-off date for refunds will be March 15,

2014. Refunds will not be made after March 15.


Non Band Member Policy

Immediate family members of High School band students may travel with the band. Space will be sold on a “first come,

first serve” basis. The above costs will apply to band members as well as family members. “Non Band Members” will

follow the same schedule/itinerary as band members.



Make checks payable to the “Robinson High School Band.” Be sure to mark “Florida Trip” in memo. Payments

may be dropped off in the locked drop box at HS Band Hall 2. Payments may also be mailed. Please mail to: Robinson

HS Band, Attention: Florida Trip, 700 West Tate, Robinson, TX 76706.


Everyone going to Florida, band students and family members, must pay the deposit.

The deposit is due October 15.


Fund Raising

Band students will have opportunities to raise funds for the trip. Fund raising amounts will be deducted from final


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